Journal Articles (Peer-Reviewed)

Forthcoming. “Rethinking the Right to Health: Ableism and the Binary Between Individual and Collective Rights.” Bioethics.

Forthcoming. “Husserl, Beauvoir, and the ‘Problem’ of the Sexes.” Simone de Beauvoir Studies.

2020. “Fichte’s Existential Logic.” Journal of Speculative Philosophy 34(2): 201-223.

2018. “The Logic of the Mask: Nietzsche’s Depth as Surface.” The Agonist: a Nietzsche Circle Journal XII (1): 22-31.

Book Chapters

Forthcoming. “Eugen Fink’s Mode: Ein Verführerisches Spiel” in Eugen Fink: Ethics, Metaphysics, Ontology, ed. By Iulian Apostolescu. Berlin: De Gruyter.


2018. “Editors’ Introduction.” Co-Authored with Martina Ferrari, Devin Fitzpatrick, Shannon Hayes, Sarah McLay, and Kaja Rathe Jennsen. Puncta: Journal of Critical Phenomenology vol. 1: 1-7.

Other Publications

2020. “Feminism and Fashion.” American Philosophical Association (APA) Blog Series on Women in Philosophy.